Lots of cool things going on in this short piece. Notice how fluid the stop-motion animation is (that tells me that she used a fairly high frame rate). What do you think?

This is a real nice short doc about 2 artists who make installations involving light. I like some of the techniques that the filmmakers used. -What do you think?

This video is designed around a couple simple techniques. What’s good about it? What don’t you like?

What do you think of this animated movie?

This is a non-fiction piece -a form of journalism, really- about golf in a way that we don’t usually think about it. The story is interesting, but look at the way the filmmakers tell it too. What do you think?

What’s good about this video (besides the rider’s skills)? Dylan Mitic suggested this one, and it has merits. What do you think?

This is a cool combo of dance, singing, painting, film (and another language). Could we do something like this at Menlo? What do you think?