The short documentary has a lot of possibility for any student filmmaker. Finding the story to tell and the shots to tell it well is a good challenge. What do you think of this little movie? (PS, feel free to skip the full minute of credits at the end! -A MINUTE of credits???) Advertisements

As we head into the big winter break, here’s a nice combo of music, editing and great ski footage. There are two distinct segments, so don’t miss the second.

This short video is really different. What do you think?

This is a video about a photographer. It’s 8 minutes long, but I think it’ll keep your attention. There’s a lot of beautiful video (and photo) work here, mostly in B&W. -What do you think?

The narration on this is pure “telling” but the visuals are…not. They’re more abstract. Do you think they work together well? What’s good about this piece?

This music video uses one central technique to tell the story. Do you think it’s effective (that is, does it help make for a good music video)? Less important: do you have an idea for how they did it?

See if this makes much sense to you. If it does, please explain it, because it kind of lost me.